Welcome to The Breast Girl!

Helping women to navigate breast health from breastfeeding to breast imaging.

I’m Courtney - board certified Registered Radiologist Assistant (RRA), Certified Lactation Educator Counselor (CLEC) and proud mom to 3 boys. I have a specialty in patient navigation in breast imaging and a true passion for breast health advocacy and increasing access to quality support and resources.

The Breast Girl’s Mission:

Awareness of breast health is typically triggered by major events - finding a lump, having a baby or going for a mammogram. This can all be overwhelming. My hope is to provide evidence-based education and resources (all in one place) to:

- Demystify issues surrounding breast health.

- Make breast health and breastfeeding education more accessible,

   relatable and mindful.

- Support empowered and informed experiences.  

- Cultivate a sense of continuous connection and support.

The Breast Girl Believes That:

Having access to comprehensive, evidence-based information centered around your individual needs and having the ability to make informed decisions alongside your providers is important to positively impacting your experiences.

As a mom, exploring natural and holistic alternatives is important, and when the need arises, trying to balance between the two.

Whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding, going for your first mammogram or just starting out on your breast wellness journey, having the right kind of support makes all the difference.

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